Jill Beckman

Jill Beckman
Associate Professor
Interim Director, Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1998
469 Phillips Hall

Research Interests

phonology, phonetics, Optimality Theory, German laryngeal features, Speaking rate effects on Voice Onset Time

Current Courses

LING: 2090:3132 Special Project

LING: 3020 Phonological Analysis

Current Research Projects

  • German laryngeal features
  • Speaking rate effects on Voice Onset Time
  • Laryngeal features and laryngeal contrast
  • Hindi laryngeal features
  • Positional neutralization and positional faithfulness in Optimality Theory
  • The Coda Condition      

Recent Publications

2013 "Empirical evidence for laryngeal features: Aspirating vs. true voice languages." Journal of Linguistics. (With Michael Jessen and Catherine Ringen.)

2011 (With P. Helgason, B. McMurray and C. Ringen) "Rate Effects on Swedish VOT: Evidence for Phonological Overspecification," Journal of Phonetics 39:39-49.

2009 (With M. Jessen and C. Ringen) "German Fricatives: Coda Devoicing or Positional Faithfulness?" Phonology 26 (2009), pp. 231-268. ©Cambridge University Press.

2006 (with M. Jessen and C. Ringen) "Phonetic Variation and Phonological Theory: German Fricative Voicing," in WCCFL 26 Proceedings.

2004 (with Catherine Ringen) "Contrast and Redundancy in Optimality Theory," in WCCFL 23 Proceedings.

2004 "The Case for Local Conjunction: Evidence from Fyem," in WCCFL 22 Proceedings, ed. by M. Tsujimura & G. Garding, pp. 56-69.

2004 "Positional Faithfulness," in Optimality Theory in Phonology: A Reader, ed. by J. McCarthy, pp. 310-342.

2002 "Partial Reduplication and Emergent Unmarkedness in Igbo Reduplication," in WCCFL 20 Proceedings, ed. by K. Megerdoomian & L.A. Bar-el, pp. 68-81.

1999 (With John Alderete, Laura Benua, Amalia Gnanadesikan, John McCarthy and Suzanne Urbanczyk.) "Reduplication and Segmental Markedness," Linguistic Inquiry 30:327-364.

1997 "Positional Faithfulness, Positional Neutralisation, and Shona Vowel Harmony," Phonology 14.1.