Rob Chametzky

Rob Chametzky
Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD, University of Chicago, 1987
465 Phillips Hall

Research Interests

theoretical syntax, pragmatic theory

Current Courses

LING:1050:0AAA Language and Formal Reasoning



Recent Publications

2011 "No derivation without representation ," in The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism, C. Boekx, editor, Oxford University Press.

2008 Review of J. McGilvray, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky. Language 84.4: 845-55.

2003 "Phrase structure," in Minimalist Syntax, R. Hendrick, editor, Blackwell Publishing.

2003 Phrase Structure: From GB to Minimalism. Blackwell Publishing.

1996 A Theory of Phrase Markers and the Extended Base. SUNY Press.